Tappenden Lab Orientation Packet

Welcome!  We are glad to have you as part of our team.

Some things to know:

  1. The lab telephone number is 217-265-0776; the lab is room 420 Bevier Hall.
  2. Some students may get a lab book. This belongs to the Tappenden lab and will stay here after you graduate, but you are welcome to make copies for your records. Just ask for a number for the Xerox machine.
  3. Unfortunately, sometimes there may be thefts of wallets/key/ or other valuables. Please bring only what you need to the lab. Keep your valuables with you and keep an eye on them.
  4. Hang up your coat on the coat rack. Use a lab coat which may hang from the coat rack located in room 420 A.
  5. There is a contact list taped to the wall with everyone’s information
  6. You will be paid every two weeks. Get your time card signed by your supervisor and have your supervisor turn it in. You must also complete an online time sheet.
  7. Sanna Frazier is the departmental person in charge of hiring and paying you. Please set up an appointment to go through the formal hiring paperwork. Contact her at email: sannauoi@ad.uiuc.edu phone: (217) 265-6805

Lab Rules

  1. Keep the door to the lab closed at all times.
  2. Lock the door if the lab is going to be unattended.
  3. You may be issued keys to the building and lab. Keep track of your keys and animal room key card. Turn them back to in to room 280 when you leave.
  4. In the unlikely event that you are injured at work, take care of yourself first. Then report any on the job injury to your supervisor as soon as possible.
  5. Wear closed toe shoes and clothing that covers skin surfaces when working in the lab. When animal experiments are running, it may be handy to have an extra t-shirt or shoes.
  6. Photos are not taken in animal experiments. Photos other places are fine – if the subjects agree of course!

Tappenden Lab Orientation Packet

As new or continuing members of the Tappenden lab, you will need some training and safety certifications. Continuing lab members should complete these annually in September, and new members should complete them upon hiring. Please print certificates and place them in the red bio safety ring binder in room 420 (bookshelf across from computer. Some reference readings are also included in this packet for you.

 Safety Training

http://www.drs.uiuc.edu/index.aspx (Division of Research Training Homepage)

  1. Biological Safety Training:  Using a computer connected to the internet, go to the University of Illinois Division of Research Safety.

    If you will work in the lab at all (and this includes almost everyone), sign up for the Safe Handling of Human Cell Lines/Material in a Research Laboratory. This is a one hour lecture that you MUST attend. Remember to sign in on the roster at the session (signature page is offered at the door as you leave), and present the certification you receive to Heather Mangian to be placed in the Biological Safety 3-ring binder in the lab.

    If you have any trouble registering (many people do), here are a few tips: your email password will not work, neither will your bluestem. Try going to the cites web page intended for you to change your password (http://www.cites.uiuc.edu/passwords) to set up the correct password.

    Still having trouble? Contact Linda Arseneau, Biological Safety Professional Phone: (217) 244-1939
  2. General Laboratory Safety training:   Go to this website, complete training, print certificate: http://www.drs.uiuc.edu/gls/index.aspx
  3. Chemical Laboratory Training:  Go to this website, complete training, print certificate: http://www.drs.uiuc.edu/css/training/index.aspx?tbID=tr
  4. Radioisotope training: Go to this website, complete training, print certificate: http://www.drs.uiuc.edu/rss/index.aspx

Specific training will occur as needed, once per year general training is given in a group meeting. Make sure that your name has been added to the list of names in the Biological Safety ring binder in the lab when you are fully trained.

Division of Animal Resources Training

Go to the DAR link (http://www.dar.uiuc.edu/) for training, complete the slides, take and pass the quiz. Print out your certificate and place it in the book.

  1. Select DAR training Resources
  2. Select on-line training module for research personnel.  Complete the readings and quiz
  3. Read the protocol that you will work on.  Hard copies are located within the lab 420 in a ring binder on the shelf. You must understand their content before being added to the protocol.

Occupational Health and Safety Plan

You must register for the University of Illinois OHS plan.  Go to this website and follow the links to register. http://www.drs.uiuc.edu/index.aspx

Animal Room Keycards

When you have completed DAR training, OHS registration, AND are added to a protocol – which you have read and understand, you will be contacted by Pat Sergent for an animal room keycard. 

Resource Links

Contact FSHN Homepage, UIUC